Pizzas that are the most popular and specfically Italian

Pizza in Italy is a genuine institution and a sign of the nation across the globe, whether it’s deep-pan and soft, thin and crispy, traditional or gourmet, with or without filled dough whichever it’s made, pizza is a true institution and a symbol of the country throughout the world.

Pizza is eaten by Italians on Saturday and Sunday evenings after sports or watching a game with friends, to celebrate birthdays as a youngster – in fact, pizza is an intrinsic part of life in Italy from birth to death!

If you want to spend a weekend in Italy or are considering relocating there, you should be familiar with the typical pizza toppings of the most famous Italian pizzas, as well as some common pizza names (as eaten by Italians):

  • Margherita
  • Marinara
  • Prosciutto e funghi
  • Quattro Stagioni
  • Capricciosa


There isn’t much else to say — she is just the table’s queen. The Margherita pizza, whether in its plain form with mozzarella fiordilatte or mozzarella de bufala (in which scenario it would officially be termed a Bufalina pizza), is without a doubt the most popular pizza in Italy.

The remaining components, in addition to mozzarella, are tomato, oil, and basil, which is traditionally mixed by Italian pizza makers (called pizzaioli).


Its simplicity is the key to its success. This pizza is a great method to check out the crust and the freshness of the ingredients at the pizzeria you’re visiting: tomato, garlic, oregano, and olive oil (sometimes even basil).

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t anything about a pizza Marinara that makes you think of the sea? Its name derives from the fact that the components all of which are readily stored were once used by sailors on lengthy journeys.

Prosciutto e funghi

This pizza is also about simplicity — it’s a ham and mushroom pizza that’s been turbo powered since its Italian-style. It comes in two flavors: cooked ham or raw ham that is added after cooking.

Quattro Stagioni (Four Stages).

The Quattro Stagioni, or ‘Four Seasons,’ is another popular pizza among Italians. It’s a robust flavor combination with mozzarella and tomato. Cooked ham, mushrooms, artichokes, and black olives are all on this pizza. Small additions such as anchovies or other delicacies are sometimes available. The most significant aspect of this sort of pizza is the placement of the ingredients: each one must be placed in its own quarter.


The Capricciosa pizza is quite similar to the Quattro Stagioni. The components are nearly identical, with the exception that the Capricciosa does not normally include olives, and all of the ingredients are combined over a base of tomato sauce and mozzarella, resulting in a delectable union of flavors

Quattro Formaggi 

This creamy, delectable, and appealing white pizza, whose name simply means ‘Four Cheeses,’ requires a genuine cheese fan to enjoy it. Provolone, parmigiano reggiano, mozzarella, stracchino, fontina, or gorgonzola are some of the cheeses that may be utilised by different pizzerias. You’ll be licking your fingers clean regardless of whatever cheeses are used..